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Monkey suit coach!!!

Oathkeeper; Even the sound of it is sharper than an ordinary sword. Valyrian steel, spell-forged. It was a sword fit for a hero.

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Rin appreciation Week - Day 4: Exwires⇝ "What I can't forgive about you, is that you're always carrying such a big burden on your own."

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30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Five: Your favourite team
↪ Karasuno High's Volleyball Team

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[ Day 18: Your favorite protagonist ]

Look at that smolder. Such hair flip, wow.

In all seriousness, Leon S. Kennedy is more than meets the eye (but damn if I don’t like what I see) and while he isn’t necessarily a protagonist in all the series installments, he and Chris Redfield are Resident Evil’s leading men, for the joy of every lady out there!

Really now, I just see a lot of good in Leon, and the potential to act on it. As the adorable goofball by the name of Matthew Mercer once said: despite how the life he leads has taken its toll on him, Leon enjoys the fact that he can make a difference, help others, do his duty and more often than not take one for the team, all for a greater good.

I love them both dearly <3 I wasn’t named MissKennedy for nothing.

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Official new poster (partial) pic taken by @片片酱_ from Weibo

Art by @碗仔得了美咲病 from Weibo

Good job Saru! 罒ω罒

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One Piece 17th Anniversary: August 9th - Relationships

Luffy and Zoro’s relationship is one of the closest and strongest in One Piece, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. These two trust each other with every aspect of their being, understand each other so well, and even though they fight and bicker and have plenty of moments when they antagonize each other, the love and respect they have for each other always shines through, however roughly. 

Also Zoro’s perpetual state of being lost plus Luffy’s complete lack of even caring about being lost make for the best potential troublemaking adventures 8D 

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Kurofai for Zelinxia's Birthday~!!!!!!!

Hope you like it!

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