You can feel the finals. Have some bad quality Bon/Rin.


The night we went to the horror panel but the horror panel wasn’t actually a thing. So we stayed up and watched our own horror.

Then Rin tried to do homework, And Bon laughed at him (dick.)

OTPajama Party madness and gangsta life. And Rin has apparently never seen a coal tar in his life.

Some cuties we met at Shutocon!

itskandatoyou - Kuroko Tetsuya

Mayolottegirls - Akashi Seijuro

trafalgarlawkun - Trafalgar Law

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Shutocon 2014!

Part 5/???

Shutocon 2014!

Part 3/???

Shutocon 2014!

With smartwaterofficial as Momoi Satsuki

Part 2/???

Shutocon 2014 cosplay! Finally putting them up…

Part 1/???

マサムネ || 2011/11/11

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Mini-comic translation. Rin likes Suguro’s glasses.

Source: 【青エク】メガネ【勝燐】 by: パシリ所によりイリ


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Ryūji Suguro | Exwire | Aria & Dragoon in Training

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What I’m interested in is blood and flesh.

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