Summary: Bon 10000 percent done with your shit, Rin.

Poncy as Suguro Ryuuji

Havoc as Okumura Rin

Photos by Havoc’s patient brother - Red Engineer snapping photos of homos

Poncy as Yata Misaki

Havoc as Fushimi Saruhiko

Amanda as Munakata Reisi

Photos by the lovely Olivia~!

Poncy as Yata Misaki

Havoc as Fushimi Saruhiko

Amanda as Munakata Reisi

Photos done by our lovely friend, Olivia.

Selfies and cool people and some weenies. Actually lots of weenies. All weenies.

Let us know if you took a selfie with me, I’d love to tag you!

The sheer amount of ridiculously dumb faces I can make is exponentially increasing with every con.

Havoc as Fushimi and Rin while Poncy is YataGAYrasu and Bon-Bon

(3/3) Sunday’s conclusion and thus the end of the con photos of our fellow cosplayers!

Don’t worry, the picture spam will continue.


as Castiel
fischotterchen as Medic

(2/3) More Sunday photos~

Honestly, didn’t expect to see so many lovely One Piece people, but I was happily surprised!

silentwavemaster as Neku!

First of (today) Sunday’s photos! (1/3)

Second day was warmer than the first, but it didn’t stop these lovely people from showing up in some amazing cosplay. So fun when you ask for a photo only to be asked in return.


Final batch of Saturday photos! (We saw the Luffy, then the Ace, and SABO AND WE RAN TO TAKE THEIR PHOTO AHHHH) I never did find the other Marine though… Let me know if you’re in here and wish to be tagged!

as Nonon from Kill la Kill

Jafax 2014 photos from Saturday! (Part 1/2) Everyone was so cute and precious BUT OH LORDY THAT KINGDOM HEARTS. AND EXORCISTS. I am content.


The lovely Riku and Sora. (guh cuties)

The Katrina that had me pushing through throngs of people and past goodies (So creative and stylish!)

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The Silver Clan Cuties - requested by Olivia,

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Favourite Opening 9/?? - (in no particular order)
One Piece Opening 17 - Wake Up!
Other opening/s - here

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Translation for Rhae-chan!

Unfortunately to see the whole 36 pages you gotta buy the book so I could only translate the preview~ but anyway enjoy :>


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