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(3/3) Sunday’s conclusion and thus the end of the con photos of our fellow cosplayers!

Don’t worry, the picture spam will continue.


as Castiel
fischotterchen as Medic

(2/3) More Sunday photos~

Honestly, didn’t expect to see so many lovely One Piece people, but I was happily surprised!

silentwavemaster as Neku!

First of (today) Sunday’s photos! (1/3)

Second day was warmer than the first, but it didn’t stop these lovely people from showing up in some amazing cosplay. So fun when you ask for a photo only to be asked in return.


Final batch of Saturday photos! (We saw the Luffy, then the Ace, and SABO AND WE RAN TO TAKE THEIR PHOTO AHHHH) I never did find the other Marine though… Let me know if you’re in here and wish to be tagged!

as Nonon from Kill la Kill

Jafax 2014 photos from Saturday! (Part 1/2) Everyone was so cute and precious BUT OH LORDY THAT KINGDOM HEARTS. AND EXORCISTS. I am content.


The lovely Riku and Sora. (guh cuties)

The Katrina that had me pushing through throngs of people and past goodies (So creative and stylish!)


OTPajama Party madness and gangsta life. And Rin has apparently never seen a coal tar in his life.



The non-Homestuck pics part 1. 

Homestuck pics

(via consulting-huggybear)

Don’t worry guys…

…the flood is over! The tagging will start tomorrow because college. ANYWHO, like we said, message us or like this post and we’ll see about tagging all of those wonderful people~

The Castiel in it’s natural habitat is an easily pleased creature that loves plenty of sunlight, flat surfaces to lay down on, and…

Sheesh Cas, no need to get violent.

Just… what the fuck guys…. I love you so much. Now stop molesting our bee.

Yes that is a Chuck. We loved you, God.

This is a bit mixed but… this is the section where we gush about the amazingly friendly and cool people we met at Youma! AND OH THE SUPERNATURAL. I can honestly tell you that I WE had a crush on almost every one of you. And we wanted to take you home in our pockets.

Feel free to message us and we’ll tag you!

This is the ‘What the Hell Were We Thinking’ photoset, featuring actual hairdresser Dean, Not-a-morning-angel-Castiel, a dash of Coach!Dean being easily entertained, and a healthy dose of anger-managment Cas.

Prepare yourselves…